You are probably wondering exactly what is a designer puppy? A (Designer Puppy) is an offspring of two of our purebred AKC/APRI registered parents of different breeds. When combining the two  it brings better traits to the puppy and a wonderful old fashioned temperment. They typically are gentle, easy to train and funny little puppies that will make you laugh every day. These puppies often avoid the negative personality and health problems of the bloodlines of the purebred parents, because of the introduction of two totally unrelated bloodlines. 
    Not to mention they are just so darn cute. Our puppies love people and children. They are started on the puppy basics including baths, tiny nail trims, even puppy grooming and hair drying,having a grooming background, I can tell you that all  of these are important to learn at an early age to make a wonderful companion.
      Our little girl is constantly playing with and holding them, making them well socialized little creatures. So I can tell you that they are definatlely kid friendly. They are of course like us and do like to have some alone and quiet time.