County Line Kennel Information:
As professionals, we raise healthy, happy puppies! We spoil each one with attention daily. Our puppies are  well socialized and has less stress leaving familiar surroundings.
An extensive Health Record is provided. Puppies are examined by our Veterinarian at six and eight weeks of age; ensuring the puppies are healthy .
We can implant an AVID MicroChip at 7 - 8 weeks of age, additional charge. Should a pup become lost or stolen, this ensures their positive identification.  Paperwork for registering the MicroChip is provided.
"Puppies are fed  Taste of The Wild, Roasted Bison & Venison Puppy Formula"and has been eating on their own, two weeks prior to leaving.
Our Toy Breeds are most generally held here a few additional weeks. We do not sell a pup that has had a Hypoglycemia problem. Whether purchasing a Toy Breed here or else where, please research Hypoglycemia. There are excellent sources on the Internet. It can endanger the pup's life and result in a very expensive trip to the Vet. It can be prevented!
APRI (America's Pet Registry Inc) Registration Papers will be provided with each puppy if applicable. or otherwise stated. It is just our personal preference to register with APRI.
Our Guarantee To Purchaser:
Our Health Guarantee is for seven days into the new home. This is a HEALTH guarantee, for the vaccinations & preventive medications, etc., that we have given. We must be notified IMMEDIATELY of a problem! We DO NOT reimburse for medications or veterinary fees for any reason. If within 12 months from the date of birth, your pup is diagnosed as having a debilitating, hereditary defect, that prevents your puppy from serving you as a companion pet, we will replace it with another of the same breed. Transportation is solely the responsibility of the purchaser, it is not provided by County Line Kennel, if ever a pup is replaced. Claims must be accompanied by a Veterinarian statement with a full explanation of the problem, lab test results, medications, current vaccinations, etc. Positive identification must be provided by a licensed Vet. This information must arrive at County Line Kennel, within 7 days of the first visit to your Vet. A licensed Veterinarian will interpret the report.
We reserve the right to ask for a second opinion at our expense and the option of the puppy's return before a replacement will be made.  If a difference of diagnosis occurs, we will adhere to the advice of OUR Vet.
We are not responsible for the pup's diet & nutritional needs after it leaves it's home here. Hypoglycemia is not covered by County Line Kennel. 
We guarantee a healthy companion; do not guarantee adult size, color, or temperament, or fitness for breeding.
Our guarantee is to the purchaser only and expires if the puppy is transferred to another party.
A 200.00 deposit to hold a puppy is non refundable. Only if the puppy of your choice becomes totally unavailable because of a medical condition, will it be refunded. All other circumstances must be in full agreement & in writing, by purchasers & County Line Kennel owners. We do reserve the right to refund moneys for a pup, if Seller deems it is in the best interest of the puppy not to be placed with the Buyer.
Copy & sign Guarantee, send with payment or separately. Signed copy will be sent with your puppy. Both signatures are required to validate guarantee, otherwise, null & void! Failure to comply...Absolutely no guarantee. A copy or the original must be retained by both Buyer & Seller for Guarantee to be legal & binding.
This contract is to be construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Missouri. If for any reason, legal action is to be taken by either side, all legal proceedings & litigation must take place in the state of Missouri, county of Butler.
Effective date of Guarantee & the date, the puppy is in the new owners possession are one & the same!
Seller, Tina Crites________________________Date___________________
Identifying Marks, Color, Etc_______________________________________
Actual Date of Puppy"s Arrival______________________________________
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